“Bullis Bulletin” 1pm, May 21st in Fatzinger Hall – above the Library


BULLISpracticeThe play is called the “Bullis Bulletin” and is about John Lapham Bullis who was a Quaker from Macedon, NY who fought in 3 wars, Civil War, Indian Wars in Texas, and Spanish American War. He was made a General by Teddy Roosevelt.  He commanded USCT’s in the Civil War, Buffalo Soldiers and later Black-Seminole Scouts in Texas. Three of his Black-Seminole Scouts received the Medal of Honor for saving his life.  Everyone who knew him gave him high praise as honest, hardy, loyal, courageous, and reliable.  Even his enemies spoke of him with respect. The play was written by Randy Darrow and directed by Jeffrey Cook.

This play will be at 1pm May 21st in Fatzinger Hall and the tickets are $5.


The play is being co-sponsored by the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse Museum and the Waterloo Library and Historical Society.