Fall Pick-Up Replacement Program (Pilot Program)

Mayor O’Connor has announced a “Pilot” Fall Pick-up replacement program beginning on Friday, April 30, 2021.  The replacement program will consist of three 14 yard roll-off containers provided by the Village DPW Department for rental.  The roll-offs will be available each week with delivery on Friday for week-end (Saturday and Sunday) use, and then picked-up on the following Monday.  The rental fee for the roll-offs will be $0 for the first use (by property location) and $100/per rental thereafter.

Reservations will be taken by the Village Office at (315)539-9131.  A rental agreement form, including an understanding of prohibited items for waste disposal, will be required to be signed with any payment due at time of reservation.

Please contact the Village Office for any additional information on this program.